Saturday, January 12, 2013

Put a Cork in it

As we're working on this joint blog, laughing and drinking wine (ok, maybe in a couple of hours) we're struck by the number of wine corks we possess between our two households. We both decorate with wine inspired decor and really love the look. So what do you do with all those corks?

Here are several ideas for using and displaying wine corks (and some other wine decor thrown in for good measure).

Vintage candy jars filled with a collection on open shelving in Kandy's house 

Corks cut in half, used as magnets on the fridge

Wall of wine with framed corks in Karli's dining room

Write significant memories on special corks and display in clear vase or basket

We've seen lots of clever ways to use and display all those corks. What are you favorite ways to reuse them?

~Kandy and Karli

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