Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Greetings and an Easy Chalkboard Sign

It is the 30th of December.  Christmas is now past and we are looking forward to a Bright New Year.  We awoke to this scene at our house this morning. I'll share our "Frosty Winter Wonderland."

I took down all the Christmas decorations and removed the wreath at the front door.  We needed a little Winter Greeting, so I created this chalkboard sign.  I had made this from an antique cupboard door.  I simply painted the inside panel with Chalkboard Paint.

Karli gave me this cool Chalkboard Marker for Christmas.  It was simply the best.  Forget using "real chalk"........this marker was wonderful.  It is a Wet Wipe Marker, called Chalk Ink.

I can look forward to changing this board with the seasons.  Karli has been doing this at her house and I loved the idea.

Happy New Year!

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