Saturday, January 19, 2013

Choosing Exterior Paint...Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

I feel like I start every blog post this way. "When we first saw our house we knew we would need to..."

Repaint the exterior because:
  1. We hated the colors
  2. The darker rust color was chipping and peeling
  3. I love bright/impactful doors and this scheme didn't lend itself to that
  4. Did I mention we hated the colors?
So I've been looking at color swatches for almost a year and I'm more confused than ever. What's it's going to boil down to is buying sample containers and just getting some of it on the house. Adding to the craziness we have going on right at the moment...

Don't mind the trash cans
Here's an up close of the mess
Yes, I'm embarrassed that my house is in this state, but I publicly apologized on Facebook, so I'm forgiven, right? When they put the new windows in, they took off the old rotten rust trim and replaced with beautiful new wide white trim. But you can't see that in this picture. All you can see here is chaos.

The shutters were taken down to install the windows...they were rotted and we decided to just leave them off. Apparently, the house was a different color where the shutters had been. Awesome. We have a house with like four colors going on. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can fix this! 

So on to the fun stuff. I know I want white trim and black shutters. I think I've narrowed those two choices down, but it will really depend on the main color I choose. The main color will need to go well with the roof and the brick.  

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black for the shutters
SW7004 Snowbound
Sherwin Williams Snowbound for the trim--this is showing up a little bit gray here. Its just one shade off SW Pure White, which I used on the trim at my old house.

Here are some of the main colors I'm contemplating. I want something that reads gray at times and tan/khaki at other times. 

SW Pewter Tankard

SW Backdrop

SW Morris Room Gray

SW Dovetail--this is the color we painted our old house. Do I want to repeat?

Today I think I'm leaning towards Pewter Tankard. What do you think? Do you have a preference?


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