Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some of My Favorite Vintage Chairs

I adore Vintage Chairs..... every room can probably use at least one. They can readily be found at flea markets and garage sales and usually do not demand a large amount of $$$$$ (dollars) if you only need one. You can easily transform a chair to work in your room. Have fun with the finish and fabric, mix it up and make a statement. Here are some things I consider before starting any project with a vintage chair:
  1. It only needs to be somewhat comfortable unless you're planning to spend hours sitting in it. I suggest you sit in it and judge for yourself.  
  2. Make sure the joints are tight, not wobbly. It can be reglued, but unless you have a large collection of clamps, you may have to pay a pro to do it.
  3. Make sure it is worthy of the time and money you may put into it. Fabric, foam, nailheads, paint, (not to mention time) can add up to a large investment.   
Here are some of my projects which have become some of my favorites:

I painted this one white and covered the seat in khaki checked fabric.

I painted this chair black but had it professionally upholstered
with a great leopard fabric from Hobby Lobby.
Refinished oak with leafy print fabric seat.

Vanity stool with black and white ticking seat.

Refinished oak rocker with new chenille seat.

Refinished oak again (love that arts and crafts style oak)

Black paint and fun ribbons added to cover reglued spindles.
Have you given any of your old chairs a new life?


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