Monday, January 14, 2013

New Windows--Grids or No Grids

Walking through our house during the first showing, we knew there were several things we'd need to update. Wait, who am I kidding? There were A TON of things that needed updating, but some took priority over others. The kitchen was the first thing on the list (a post is coming about that makeover really soon, I promise) followed by painting rooms, new window treatments (bye bye old dingy yellowing curtains), exterior paint and new windows.

One window and the sliding glass door had already been replaced, but everything else was original to our 1980 house. We felt drafts and were cold all the time. There were two windows that desperately needed help ASAP. So we ordered them the month we moved in and a happy mistake happened...

They arrived without the grids! The front of the house has grids in all the windows. The two windows we ordered were in the kitchen and family room on the back of the house, so I had the guys install them anyway and I couldn't be happier.

Now that its time to replace all the remaining windows, we've decided to go with grids on the front of the house (curb appeal) while the back windows have no grids (I love that we can see our gorgeous backyard with no obstruction).

Overall, I think you have to consider the style of your house when you choose "grids or no grids." Here are some examples.
Traditional two story colonial with grids from Houzz.

Colonial style with grids from HookedOnHouses.

I have been seeing some homes with grids on the top half of the windows. At first I didn't think it would look balanced, but after seeing some pictures I'm open to it. Sadly, its too late for our house now. From Houzz.

More pictures to come with our final windows!


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