Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Karli's Closet Door Makeover: Part 1

Looks like we're both in the process of giving some old closet doors new life. (Mom's post will be coming soon!)

Mine are sliders located in the room we use as an office. As a reminder, we've been working on making over this entire room, starting with the floors.

We have a small mistake that we need to admit: we installed baseboards where we probably shouldn't have. So now one of the doors doesn't really close all the way. Look how annoying this is:

The door butts against the baseboard on the bottom, which creates a visible gap along the wall.

Here are some options that four people (me and my husband as well as mom and dad) brainstormed to fix the problem:
  1. Take the doors out and hang curtains
  2. Cut out the baseboards we just installed to make room for the doors to slide closed
  3. Cut out notches at the bottom of each door in the shape of the baseboards
  4. Add trim to the doors just above where the baseboards begin
  5. Install bi-fold doors (but we'd still have to address the gap the baseboards create)
But here's the interesting conundrum I noticed the other night as I was staring at the space (sometimes I do that to help me focus).  
Left side of the doors=no substantial gap!

Right side of the closet doors=gap


What the heck is that all about? Because I was so perplexed about this, I checked the guest room, which has the same sort of doors. SAME issue and we've never touched those doors. The unnerving thing is that this gap is even worse! 
Same thing happening on the rear door of the guest room with no baseboards

I guess the good news is that our baseboard installation didn't really cause this problem to begin with. But now that I've see the gap, I can't let it go.

So I'm still left with a problem, but perhaps all of our brainstorming was for not. I think there might be a different solution. More to come soon on that...


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