Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From Trash to Treasure...Salvaged Closet Becomes Entertainment Armoire

I don't know if I am all alone out there, but, I really don't like the T.V., speakers and electronics to be the main focal point of my living room. Of course, it is "in style" now to have the big screen exposed and husbands are especially proud to show theirs off!!!  Nevertheless, I prefer all of that stuff to be hidden away. You see, my husband plays an electric bass guitar (was in a rock band in a previous life) and has a large bass amplifer as well as speakers and an assortment of components. 

The above reasons lead me on a search for the perfect, huge entertainment center which could accomodate and conceal all of the pre-mentioned items. For years I searched but to no avail. I knew with my husband's help we could probably build it, but I really wanted something older with character. Finally I found what I believed to be the perfect old beadboard closet salvaged from the dump. It was outside leaning against the wall of an Antique Store. It had great bones, great crown moulding on the top, and the right measurements to accomodate all that stuff. It came out of a home in the area, probably around the 1920's. I knew we could make it work...we only had to "tweak" on it.

It was a closet, made of fir beadboard and had a center support, a rod inside and two doors. It was a little wobbly but we were able to remove the center support and widen one door by adding a piece of wood trim so the doors would meet. We replaced the hinges and added old door knobs and plates.

I don't have a before picture. I wasn't thinking about ever wanting to see it in that shape again, but this shows the hinges and old door knobs we added.

We also added square wood feet that I ordered from VanDykes Catalog. We built shelves to accomodate the components, amp and speakers and made drawers to house the CD collection.

Just look at all this storage....

We made drawers to house the CD collection.

Since the closet had never been painted, refinishing was a snap...after sanding and cleaning the old wood I applied a coat of Briwax in Tudor BrownWith the doors closed, the old closet gives you no clue as to what it holds.

Getting this huge beast up stairs to our living room was no small feat (we had to get the help of two strong male friends, plus me and hubby). After all the trouble, we decided this piece will never will be sold with the house.

This project just shows what thinking outside the box (or closet) can get you!!!


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