Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tara's Front Room Makeover

My very first stab at officially helping a friend design a room! How exciting! Thank you, Tara, for giving me this chance. I hope you're happy with how the room is shaping up.

Tara's front room was sort of a blank slate except for the blue curtains that were made by her mother-in-law. They had to stay in the room, so we designed the rest of the room around them. The room is open to the entry, dining room and front hall. It has beautiful wood floors and a window that lets in lots of light.

Tara had a wood armoire that we moved into the room from the basement. It will serve as storage for her daughter's toys. She also had a black leather storage ottoman for her daughter's shoes. It will serve as a coffee table.

We started with a stroll through a furniture store, so we could discuss scale and colors. We settled on a loveseat in a natural linen color. Tara found the one shown below at Cost Plus World Market for a great price. We also determined that two small-ish chairs would be nice in the space. Because the curtains had such a striking color, the chairs needed to incorporate the bright blue. She purchased two of the chairs below from Cost Plus as well.

So far, we've got the chairs, loveseat, armoire and ottoman in place. Now we're just hunting for the finishing touches like a sofa table, pillows, a throw and a rug. I'm going to spray paint some lamps she already had and get some new lamp shades. I'll share the finished product when the room is ready. For now, here's the inspiration!
Tara's Living Room


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