Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thrift Store Buffet Turns into Entertainment Center

Karli and Brent needed a home for their big screen TV, but not anything boring or the usual entertainment center from a "big box store." I found the perfect piece at a Thrift Store in town. It was an antique buffet c. 1930's -1940's. It did have some real problems and the finish was beyond horrible, but it had style and the price was right...$25.00. The clerk informed me that it was marked so cheap because "it was haunted" and they wanted it out of the store! I told her I was not afraid of it...I would probably be praying the entire time I refinished it, anyway.

Here is the "Haunted Buffet." It doesn't look too scary, does it?

It definitely had issues with the doors. Someone had tried to repair them with wood putty, but I was planning to remove them anyway. In fact I didn't even need the drawers since the Karli and Brent would be using that area to store the electronics. I sanded the piece and added a floor to one drawer area. I then spray painted the buffet with Krylon Flat Black (2 coats), distressed it with a sanding sponge, dusted it well, and finished with Minwax Spray Polyurathane in Semi Gloss (2 coats.)

The finished beauty! (You can also see Karli's ladder for blankets in this picture. Learn more about that here)

An up-close of the drawer floor I added

Here you can see that I painted the inside since the doors were removed.
  I proudly delivered it to Brent and Karli. "Look what Mom brought you...a stylish entertainment center that is supposedly haunted."  Now, Karli takes over with the rest of the story.

"We really love using this as our entertainment center. It houses all the components as well as magazines and some baskets for more junk. We often joke with people that it's haunted. It is all fun and games until we hear someone walking around in the bedroom above the family room (when we're all downstairs). Eerie, right?"  


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