Thursday, January 17, 2013

Karli's Guest Bathroom Makeover

I posted about getting new windows earlier and I'm already loving the efficiency and warmth (along with the crisp white vinyl) they're providing. But on to the dilemma they also present...

When we decided to replace the window in the guest bath shower, we knew that would mean that the tiles would be impacted. Here's a look at the bathroom from the previous owner...

Not much was necessary right when we moved in since everything was in fairly good condition. (Don't get me wrong, there are things I really despise about the room--like the countertop/sink combo, the builder grade mirror and lights and the ugly old medicine cabinet--but its completely functional.) So basically all that had been done was a fresh coat of white paint and hardware on the cabinet, a new white shower curtain, new cozy khaki runner and some countertop accessories.

In this picture you can see the room without all the accessories I just mentioned. A blank slate for the most part. Oh I almost forgot about the lovely towel bars, which you can see here too.

Here's the current shower tile, complete with special markings from previous little artists.

And the shower/bath fixtures--I'm sure many of you have or previously had beauties like these!

Here's the mirror/light/medicine cabinet area that I dislike so much.

And my real excuse for starting this project now...the damage created when the new window went in.

Here are some of my inspirations for the space.

I've decided on white subway tile, but I'm going to use a light gray grout. White grout is hard to keep clean and the gray grout will provide a nice bit of contrast to a fairly white room.  I'm leaving the tub as is (cost)....and it's in good shape but I'm going to tile all the way up to the ceiling around it.

Eventually I'll get to the mirror, light fixture and medicine cabinet area.

What do you think of white tile with darker grout? I'm loving it!


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  1. This is just my dream bathroom! im very fanatic with the touches of black and white painting it absolutely look phenomenal!